2018 Campaign of Honor


The 4-week Campaign of Honor began on August 13th showcasing Cumberland County’s First Responders.

Each week, I visited and posted daily on my Facebook Page with each classification of First Responders: Telecommunicators, Emergency Medical Service (EMS), Law Enforcement, and Fire Fighters. I took pictures, videos, and gathered essential information.  I encourage you to go to my Facebook to see and learn what I discovered.  I began this Campaign to honor and recognize, however, it became a quest for knowledge which quickly became grounded with my most sincere appreciation.

During the last week, I had the privilege to meet Bettye Glenn.  She is a survivor from the attack on the North Tower in New York City during the 911 attacks. Ms. Glenn allowed me to video her and you will find her account of that day on my Facebook.  The video is called, “The Bettye Glenn Story – I Survived.”

The Campaign of Honor culminated on September 11th, with a First Responders Reception at the TapHouse in downtown Fayetteville. Considering Hurricane Florence’s soon arrival and the preparatory involvement of the First Responders- the reception was well attended.  I hope that this becomes an annual event.