Meet Wesley
I was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, home of Elvis. Mom was a proud homemaker, and Dad worked long hours as a forester. My sister and I spent summers on Granddad’s farm tending the fields, feeding the animals, and baling hay. I grew up with homegrown vegetables, hard earned respect, and the love of serving God and Country.
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On the Issues
Job Creation & Taxes
I’ve owned my own business for over 20 years now, and know first-hand what it’s like to struggle to make payroll. When I first ran for office, North Carolina had the highest corporate, state income, and gas tax rates.
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Wasteful Spending
Did you know that past administrations in Raleigh voted to spend $25 million on a pier in Nags Head? Or that they voted to increase North Carolina debt by $1 billion dollars? All this was done while North Carolina was facing the worst recession since the Great Depression.
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I believe, with an excellent education, the children of North Carolina can rise to the very top of our nation’s State Education Ranking. That’s why I voted for 5 consecutive teacher pay raises, increased education spending by $2 billion, and support school choice reforms that give parents more freedom to choose where their child goes to school.
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2nd Amendment
I strongly believe in the Second Amendment right to bear arms. The founding fathers understood that the best way to protect against tyranny was for the citizenry to be armed. They wrote the Second Amendment so that no overzealous politician could take away their guns.
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