Presidential Budget Military Construction Program Increases to $315 Million for North Carolina (Fourth Highest in the Nation)


The President’s Budget for FY2019 includes $315.776 million in Department of Defense major military construction at installations in North Carolina.  This budget would fund projects at the following bases, in the amounts indicated:

Fort Bragg:                     $42.366 million
MCAS Cherry Point:     $240.830 million
MCAS New River:          $32.580 million

In addition to this major construction, North Carolina businesses can anticipate perhaps another $100 million in sustainment, restoration and modernization construction and facility services contracts.  Military construction is big business in North Carolina – including for small businesses.”

The FY209 budget figure represents an increase from $293.655 million in major military construction at North Carolina bases in FY2018.  At over $315 million, DoD construction in North Carolina will be the fourth highest of all states in FY2019, trailing only California, Maryland and Missouri.  North Carolina military construction ranked sixth in the nation in FY2018.

The FY2019 projects include a dining facility and Special Operations facilities at Fort Bragg, airfield and hangar facilities at MCAS Cherry Point, and a medical and dental clinic facility at MCAS New River.