Local Teachers Receive Bonuses in our District


This past summer, I was instrumental in creating and awarding bonuses to educators who went above and beyond to ensure that students exceeded expectations in their end of year testing. The General Assembly approved a bonus for 3rd grade teachers who scored in the top 23% in growth in the state and/or locally for Reading. a bonus for AP/IB teachers based on the numbers of students who received a 3 or above on an AP exam or 4 or above on an IB exam, and a bonus for CTE teachers based on the total numbers of students who obtained an industry certification or credential. I also worked to pass legislation that allocated bonuses for 4th and 5th grade teachers who scored in the top 25% in growth within the state and/or locally in Math. This bonus also applied to 6-8 Math teachers who scored in the top 25% in growth in the state and/or locally.

I gives me great pleasure to help provide a well-deserved financial reward to the hard working and high achieving teachers both within our district and throughout the state. I believe this is a step in the right direction by rewarding teachers for students incredible academic performances and is a necessary reform for an updated, 21st century education system.