Governor’s Office Announces Acceleration of Key Road Projects in 19th District


The Governor’s Office has recently announced that key projects in District 19 will be completed sooner as a result of major transportation funding reforms passed by the General Assembly in 2015.

These local projects are among an additional 92 highway projects that will be built and another 90 existing projects that will be sped up statewide, due to a long-term, comprehensive plan for transportation funding lawmakers passed as part of this year’s state budget.

The plan added more than $700 million in new funding for transportation needs over two years. It also ended a decades-long raid of state transportation funds for non-transportation spending and helped ensure that 99 percent of those dollars will actually be used to build and maintain safe roads and bridges.

Thanks to the reforms, North Carolina will spend an additional $4.5 billion on new construction and maintenance priorities over the next 10 years – without having to borrow money.

The complete list of accelerated schedules for transportation projects will be presented to the state Board of Transportation for review at its December meeting, with approval expected in January 2016.

The list of projects can be viewed here.