Increase in Job Development Investment Grants (JDIG) passes Senate


Senate Bill 326, which adds five million dollars to North Carolina’s JDIG fund, has passed the Senate and is now moving through the House of Representatives. JDIG is a program that provides grants to new and expanding businesses in North Carolina to help recruit new commerce and jobs. Companies applying for this grant must meet a rigorous set of criteria. From JDIG’s official site, the criteria is listed below:

  • The project results in a net increase in employment.
  • The project increases opportunities for employment and strengthen the state’s economy.
  • The project is consistent with the economic development goals of the state and of the area in which it is located.
  • The project is competitive with another state(s) or country.
  • The grant is necessary for the completion of the project in North Carolina.

I was a primary sponsor of this bill, along with Senator Rick Gunn and Senator Tom Apodaca. This is an economic development initiative which will benefit all of North Carolina.