Credit for Military Training Bill Signed into Law


veteran-jobsOn July 10th, Governor McCrory signed into law the Credit for Military Training Bill. This bill was primarily sponsored by myself and Senator Ronald Rabin. Senator Ronald Rabin, like me, is an Army veteran. This bill was also co-sponsored by Senator Clark, who is a veteran of the Air Force and serves the other senate district in Cumberland County.

This is a bill that will make it easier for members of the military to find employment.  This bill builds upon North Carolina’s system of civilian credit for military training. The system of civilian credit is successful already, but we can do more to improve this system and help our military find work.

With the passage of this bill, licensing boards must publicize what kinds of military training meets their licensing requirements. Additionally, the state must notify an applicant if their experience falls short of our state’s requirements, and then they must explain how to meet those qualifications.

Essentially, this law mandates an easier to understand and more widely publicized system for civilian credit. In turn, our military will have an easier time taking advantage of their training, applying it to various job licensures, and then finding optimal employment.

An article on this bill can be found here.