Visit to Max Abbott Middle School


I had the pleasure of visiting Max Abbott Middle School to speak with the 8th grade students there. While there, I spoke with them on the state government, and the role it has in North Carolina.

Mr. Matthew Wynne, an 8th grade social studies teacher, was nice enough to send some pictures from this visit to my office. He also included his own account of this visit which I have included below:

“Senator Meredith’s visit to my classroom really helped my students better understand the functions and purposes of government. Students engaged and interacted with Senator Meredith discussing various topic such as: current events, laws, policies, and their role in shaping the community. Senator Meredith distributed to students a fun educational activity workbook that focused on the role of state government. ┬áHe even shared with student’s his personal testimony encouraging them that anyone through hard work, dedication, and perseverance has the full potential to become a success. It was truly an honor and a privilege to have Senator Meredith take time out his busy schedule to educate and inspire my students.”

These are humbling words that I truly appreciate from Mr. Wynne. I had a great time visiting these students and speaking with them on our government.

2013-11-08 14.38.45

Senator Meredith with Mr. Matthew Wynne

2013 08111

Senator Meredith speaking with students about state government and his role as a legislator