Tax Fairness


Last week, Senators Bill Rabon (R-Brunswick) and Bob Rucho (R-Mecklenburg) presented Senate Bill 677, the Tax Fairness Act, to the Senate Finance Committee. A three-year plan to put over a billion dollars back into the pockets of North Carolina’s hardworking families, the Tax Fairness Act encourages job growth by providing needed tax relief to job-creating businesses.

With the fifth worst unemployment rate in the country and the highest tax burden in the Southeast, we need a bold, comprehensive plan for tax reform to revive our state’s economy.

And we can’t afford to wait.

Too many North Carolinians are out of work. Too many families and small businesses are being penalized for their hard work and success. Too many of our citizens are paying excessive taxes. Too many businesses are choosing to locate in neighboring states.

We need reform that simplifies and updates our state’s outdated tax code, and makes North Carolina more competitive with our neighbors to attract new businesses and jobs.

It’s time to remove the greatest impediment to North Carolina’s economic recovery and return our state to prosperity.