I believe every child can succeed. I believe every child can have a future.

I believe, with an excellent education, the children of North Carolina can rise to the very top of our nation’s State Education Ranking. Currently, we rank #17 with a C+ or 78.3% in our children’s overall grades and test scores ( Let’s give our children the best. Let’s raise the standard of education across our state and increase accountability. Let’s come alongside good, dedicated teachers and show them the support they need. Let’s reward teachers who refuse to be mediocre and desire to see every child in their classroom succeed. Yesterday, I was privileged to meet some of the hard working, dedicated educators in our state. These are the people who give to our children every day in the classroom.
The future of our state and nation rest in the hands of today’s children, and education is too precious and important for us to ignore. I believe it doesn’t matter where a child comes from or what their background is, every child in North Carolina can be given a bright future with education. Let’s give them what they deserve.