My Promise


I am a successful small business owner and working class man who decided to be a voice for the people of North Carolina. Tired of dealing with heavy taxes and outdated government regulations, I kept my promises to the people and fought for our working families and small businesses. I have kept education, job creation, and tax cuts a priority. I am not afraid to stand up for those I represent and be a voice of common sense and change.  I am passionate about seeing North Carolina grow into a strong and prosperous state, and I promise to vote against taxes, regulations, and projects that threaten to erode our economy.

North Carolina needs to be an economy of producers and not just consumers. We need to draw in new businesses, help existing businesses, and replenish our job market. It’s sad when families cut costs to meet their budgets, while our government ignores cutting costs and instead, raises taxes to meet the state budget. That’s going to stop. I have always voted against tax increase and I will continue to do so. The hardworking people of North Carolina deserve better. They deserve a leader who will fight for them.