The Tax Burden…


Look at the taxes you pay. Look at how much money is taken out of your pay check. Now look at your bills…

YOU work hard for your money, and YOU work hard to provide a good living for yourself and your family. And yet so much of YOUR hard earned money is taken out of your pocket in taxes.

We have a single woman who made the statement, “I could pay my bills if it wasn’t for such heavy taxes. I don’t have any luxuries like cable or eating out, and yet I still struggle. I have to pay for car insurance, utilities, and rent. And by the time I pay my bills, I barely have anything left over for grocery. I don’t want to go on welfare, but after taxes being taken out of my paycheck, I am just not making it. I work hard and I will always be willing to work hard. But I don’t get to use what I worked for. Is this what the government wants?”

My priorities are to help lift the heavy tax burdens off of our working families and small businesses. I want to see the private sector grow and create more jobs for North Carolina. I want to see citizens survive because of the money they make and not because they were forced to turn to the government. I want to see the wasteful spending in our state government stopped, and instead, protect your hard-earned money. I am fighting to cut taxes and see a balanced state budget that helps to create a strong and prosperous economy here in North Carolina. I want to see an economy of producers and not just consumers.

Vote for a better economy and a strong, secure tomorrow.
Wesley Meredith, NC State Senate 2012