Vote For Excellent Schools


“Let’s give every child a future and a dream… Let’s give them the gift of an excellent education. We need real reforms that increase accountability, reward great teachers, and increase parental awareness.”

-Wesley Meredith

In North Carolina, taxpayers spend $9000 per student, but 40% of our fourth graders can’t read at grade level. Wesley Meredith recognizes the importance of education, and he is passionate about giving the children of North Carolina a strong future through an excellent school system.  Wesley Meredith is an advocate for empowering teachers and public schools as he continues to come alongside them and create reforms that strengthen and improve our education system.

Wesley passed education reforms that…

  • Gave teachers their first raise in four years
  • Pay teachers based on merit and performance
  • Ensure every child learns to read efficiently by the fourth grade
  • Require schools to be graded on the A-F scale, making the report easy for parents to understand
  • Reduces classroom sizes and added more than 2,000 state-funded teachers to the classrooms
  • Restores more than $250,000,000 to our public schools

Vote for Excellent Schools.

Vote Wesley Meredith for State Senate.