Session Wrap-Up and Overview


Session ended here in Raleigh a couple of weeks ago and myself along with the other Senate Republicans have stood by our campaign promises and delivered. We didn’t raise taxes, we lowered them. We strengthened gun owner’s rights, lowered the budget, provided meaningful tax reform, and we passed sweeping changes to the state’s regulatory environment that will simplify outdated rules and regulations. To lower class sizes in grades 1 through 3 – smaller class sizes are proven to boost student achievement – our budget funds 1,100 additional teachers in those grades. We even passed a hugely popular measure requiring voters to show photo identification at the polls.

And we did it all in one of the most efficient and productive legislative sessions in modern history. It was the quickest adjournment (87 legislative days) in a long session in nearly four decades (1973). It happened in the face of apocalyptic, shameful rhetoric from those clinging to the tax-and-spend status quo.

Unfortunately, Gov. Perdue vetoed many of these bills to satisfy her liberal base and refused to listen to the voters and citizens of North Carolina. Please contact her office to let her know that you support Voter Identification (H351), Woman’s Right to Know Act (H854), and Medical Malpractice Reform (S33)

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